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MUFON's Project Aquarius

This may be the world's largest online UFO/UAP research library.

Providing MUFON Members with multiple forms of historical printed materials like magazine articles and newspaper clippings, databases, photos, videos, interactive maps, donated private collections, and any other type of media regarding the UFO/UAP phenomenon.

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Project Aquarius has data that goes back into the Medieval ge with reports.  We are currently gathering, scanning, and adding data as it becomes available.  Our goal is to be the world’s largest online UFO research resource.


Instead of using a form to find out where your data is, some of our offerings are plotted visually, and you can click the points to open up all the pertinent data for that particular case.


A huge shout out to our volunteer team that helped put it all together.  Especially to Cris Jordan of Curious Realm for creating the official logo for Project Aquarius.  THANK YOU!!

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MUFON has spent decades bringing this online database with never before publicly available content anywhere, as well as historical and modern searchable content

Without the cooperation of many worldwide UFO groups, Private Citizens, and many many many volunteers, this project would never have been able to be realized.  MUFON thanks each and every one of you. 

A few ways to search the database

Many pages have a traditional text search for filenames, but our upcoming Map Room will have visual search, as well as text search for date rqanges and UFO types.  All you will need to do is click a pin on the globe and you will be presented with basic case information about the sighting report at that location. 


The acronym MARRS stands for MUFON Anomaly Research and Reporting System.  MARRS content represents all of the paper submitted UFO sighting reports prior to the year 2000.


Newpaper clippings, magazine articles, historic MUFON Journals, historic MUFON Symposium Proceedings manuals, plus many more “paper” items that have been scanned and may no longer be in print.


A UFO Sightings Report map that contains basic case information from the MUFON UFO reports database, as well as many other UFO organizations that have shred their sighting information with us. *still under construction*


Look back at all the brilliant speakers from our annual Symposiums, as well as read the historic MUFON Journals to see the evolution of topics and sightings over the last 6 decades or research and investigation.