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Cincinnati, OH, USA

Historical Journal Collection

43 Years of Historical MUFON Journals now available

Thank you for entering our Historical MUFON Journal Room! All MUFON Enhanced and VIP Members know that since 2013, you have had access to our paper MUFON Journal. Lesser subscriptions during that time have only a digital copy each month available by logging in at MUFON.COM. With the advent of Project Aquarius, every single MUFON Journal since 1967 until we digitized in 2013 (except 2011&2012 for now), along with our early sister publication Skyhook Magazine, will now be available to our members who subscribe to our new Project Aquarius Library Card. This means that almost 500 MUFON Journal monthly magazines will become available to you. This alone is an incredible historical research opportunity. In the past, this entire collection was only available to Board members at MUFON but we wish to make it available to all our Researcher Level Members and Library Card holders.

Some years have a few months published together, very few may be missing altogether.  If anyone has any of the missing journals, we would love to be able to scan your copy!  Send an email to and let us know about it!

Go back in time all the way to the end of Project Blue Book, when the Midwest UFO Network first came into being.  That is when our unofficial slogan was born: MUFON – Doing the Air Force’s job since 1969!