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M.A.R.R.S Repository

What is M.A.R.R.S?

M.A.R.R.S stands for The MUFON Archives Research and Reporting System. This was the first phase of what eventually became The Project Aquarius Digital Library. Scanning of historical documents began over 25 years ago and the original name of the project was The Pandora Files. 

The project’s last administrator, Katie Paige, MUFON’s Colorado State Director at the time, renamed it M.A.R.R.S. to better reflect what was being done. The logo to the left was designed by Katie who is a graphics artist. 

The three black circles at each point on the triangle represent Past, Present and Future Timelessness. 

The triangle itself represents a strong foundation and stability! 

The puzzle pieces represent each file and each file being a piece in a larger puzzle the UFOlogists in MUFON and the world over are trying to piece together and solve! 

Besides Ms. Paige, MUFON wishes to recognize many past volunteers who used primative equipment back in the day while researching and scanning and redacting documents to protect the innocent. Those volunteers include Richard Hoffman, Robert Powell, James Carrion, Clifford Clift, Michael Swords, Ken St. John and Debbie Ziegelmeyer.

There are roughly 8,800 files on this page.  Approximately 6,000 constitute original MUFON pre-computerized of witness reports with the rest being historical magazine articles for the most part. Some are large, some are small.  Please be aware of the file size before you open one.  It may take a bit to load properly depending on your internet speed.  For Example, the famous Cash-Landrum incident investigated by MUFON Co-Founder John Schussler contains over 80 pages in one PDF file.

We have named these files with a simple convention to help you search.  We cannot index the content for searching, but if you want to search all files for year 1967, just type 1967 in the seach bar above the files listed, and hit the blue Search button.  The results will be that any filename with 1967 in it will be displayed.  

When you have a file open such as a newspaper clipping, utilizing the Google Find Option after clicking on the three dots in the upper right-hand corner of your Google Chrome or other browser, you may be able to search certain documents by using keyword search. 

Also, we have the two character country code in the name.  If you want to search for articles from England/Great Britain, use the GB code.  For United States, use US.  France, FR, and so on.

Some cases may have upwards of 80 pages in one PDF file. Others may be in multiple PDF files but considered one case.