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Private Research Collections

The MUFON Private Collections room is our largest assembly of grouped collections. There are thousands of pages here for researchers and subscribers alike that have not seen the light of day, in some cases, ever! The menu below will give you access to well know and, in some cases exclusive, illusive, mysterious and long sought after historical documents. These collections were scanned in PDF format and while some files may look small, there may be hundreds of pages in each PDF. Only minimal redacting was done to hide names of private citizens and to adhere to the wishes of some researchers should their files ever be made public.

Below you are given access to 8 sub-rooms of collections. All are straight forward in name and bring you directly to those files except The MUFON File Cabinet which is the room we placed all collections in our files we could not categorize cleanly. You will find additional collections in this one room.

 HUMCAT: Catalogue of Humanoid Reports by David F. Webb & Ted Bloecher. This amazing catalog of Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind with humanoid and other entity types spans three centuries from 1790 to 1977. 

To begin your research into the HUMCAT Files, please click here. 

Letters and Notices, correspondences about and other info regarding the mythical MJ-12 Majestic group from the MUFON File Cabinets spanning several decades.

To begin your research into the MJ-12 Files, please click here.

The MUFON File Cabinet is an effort by us to try to organize many tens of thousands of documents we have aquired that defy deeper classification including abduction literature, CIA and FBI papers, declassified documents, FOIA reports, statistics, MIB files, etc.

To begin your research into the MUFON File cabinet, please click here.

The Special Assignment Team (SAT) was created by MUFON in 2017 to investigate High Strangeness Cases in similar fashion to the FBI’s X-Files in the famous TV Show. These are very in-depth investigations that sometimes conclude something anomalous is afoot.

To begin your research into the MUFON SAT Files, please click here.

White papers are scientific papers provided to MUFON or prepared by MUFON researchers over the decades.

To begin your research into the MUFON White Papers, please click here.

The Norwegian Sightings Report Chronology was graciously donated to MUFON by The Archives for the Unexplained (AFU) in Sweden. Working with MUFON, Clas Svahn, one of AFU’s Board members, supplied us with 247 pages of Norwegian Reports between 2001 and 2023.

To begin your research into the Norwegian Sightings DB, please click here.

MUFON would like to thank Clas Svahn and Sweden’s Archives for the Unexplained for providing us with all of Sweden’s UFO reports from 2009 through 2023. We would also like to thank UFO Historian Isaac Koi for his additional assistance.

To begin your research into the Swedish Sightings DB, please click here.

The enlarged Bob Pratt Collection has many topics and links to help you further research the UFO/UAP topic. This new addition of files greatly expands our original Pratt Collection.

Please click here to see the Pratt Files in their entirety.

Over 100 folders of reports, correspondences, observations, and clippings from the original Project Blue Book’s first leader Captain Edward Ruppelt.

To begin your research into the Ruppert Files, please click here.

John Warren is a lesser known past UFO researcher who donated his very technically oriented collection to MUFON.

To begin your research into the John Warren Files, please click here.

The Bennewitz Papers is a full-length book copyrighted and digitized by MUFON. The author, Christa Tilton, takes a deep dive into the peculiar life of the late UFO researcher Paul Bennewitz ( 1927-2003) who was a member of the Aerial Research Phenomena Organization (APRO).

To begin your research into the Bennewitz Papers, please click here. 

Sometime between Spring and Memorial Day 2024, MUFON will be releasing more collections from private researchers, in particular, the remaining 64 notebooks of Leonard Stringfield.