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Cincinnati, OH, USA

UFO Reports Map

The MUFON UFO Map is scheduled to launch between April 2024 and Memorial Day, 2024. It will be an interactive multi-level map containing on Level 1, all of MUFON’s 135000+ cases that are mappable in our database along with videos and photos. Level 2 will be the Historical NICAP Chronology donated to MUFON by Fran Ridge. The NICAP Chronology contains over 6,000 cases. Level 3 will be a USO map of “Trans-Medium” objects coming in and out of our waters over 4 decades. This database was donated by Debbie Ziegelmeyer of MUFON. Level 4 will be the Swedish and Norwegian databases donated to MUFON by The Archives for the Unexplained in Sweden. Level 5 will be the Larry Hatch Database which we were given access to by its current curator who has permission from his family. Larry Hatch was the first UFO researcher to create computerized report database in the early days of DOS.