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Cincinnati, OH, USA

Witness Sketch Gallery

Thank you for entering our Witness Sketch room! This room was the result of a one year project carried out by Bob Spearing, MUFON’s Director of Investigations and Iowa MUFON Field Investigator Keene Tiedemann. MUFON thanks these 2 investigators for creating this incredible visual database.

Essentially, the drawings gallery is composed of every drawing a witness has submitted in our 135,000 case database. We are talking about 7,000 drawings as of case 135,000. Why is this visual database important? The answer is something we never expected! PATTERNS! This will become a primary tool for UFOlogists going forward like no other visual tool.

What We realized when compiling this visual database was that dozens of patterns were discovered concerning shapes of these vehicles being reported to MUFON. Major classifications suggest that triangles, in particular, fall into certain ranges. Multiple patterns can currently be derived from this database. More importantly, besides the ability to categorize shapes and lighting characteristics of UFOs, we have multiple artist illustrations associated with abductions, portals opening in the sky and a soon to come vast library of symbols seen by experiencers and seen on the sides of craft. These symbols will ultimately be crunched into an AI program to determine if it is gibberish or if it is legitimate communication with “Others.”

These files have had their names changed to protect the Witnesses whom have submitted them along with their UFO Sighting report.  If you wish to know more, the files begin with the MUFON Case number that was assigned.  For example, if the filename says 123456.4.jpg, then everything to the LEFT of the first dot in the name is the MUFON Case Number.  So for our example, the case number would be 123456. Anything to the right of the dot means there is more than one illustration associated with one particular case. 

If you have access to log in at, you can search for that case number and get further information about it.

If you find an illustration that a witness submitted that may be subject to copyright, please advise us by writing to DOII@MUFON.COM and we will review all requests to take down an item.